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Housekeeper/Breakfast kitchen or service

We are looking for an experienced Housekeeper with a hotel school or housekeeper school certificate in order to be able to get the working permit (without the school certificate we do not get a working permit) and some experience as housekeeper.

We have the following rhythme: mornings: helping in breakfast (either service or kitchen – depending interest and knowledge) after breakfast – control of the cleanliness of the rooms and the public areas in the hotel. You have to be able to manage a young team, showing them how to clean correctly a room and be really taff while checking the rooms.Looking after the laundry (98% of our laundry is provided by an outside company) and the guest supplies stock etc..Please be aware that the work rhythem is different to SA, you have to get used to a different rythem and you have to learn German, a bit before you come and when you are here. First of will be English enough, but for yourself it would be better to learn a bit German before.

The whole procedure will take at least 4-5 months and it will be a bit paper work. Therefor we need all certificates in English on a coloured and signed business letter with the exact postion and the period. For the first contact we will need a CV with all schools and position and personal details in English, your mobil number for what’s app call and please send it by mail to the below mail address and the copy of the school certificate. Thank you and we are looking forward to your application!

The salary will be deducted by the taxes, unemployment insurace, retirement insurance and sickness insurance, accomodation can be provided.

Please give also your age, as over 45 years we will not get anymore the permit – thank you!


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