Customer Care Agent

The Customer Care Agent is the main entry point for external customer contacts. Customer Care Agents may specialize in callouts, inbound customer queries, or outbound customer calls. Specializing in callouts are responsible for the callout management from logging the customer request, finding, and dispatching an available technician to call acceptance from the maintenance technician, and closing the case. The Customer Care Agent is also trained to identify and manage all critical safety situations, preventing injuries.


Specializing in inbound queries receive and managing customer queries, complaints, and master data changes, owning the cases from receipt to resolution and confirmation back to the customer. Assign complicated cases to relevant stakeholders, yet responsible to follow-up the case from start to end to meet the agreed Grade of Service for First-time resolution.


Customer Care Agents will also be specialized in outbound calls, manage scripted calls including conduction of a transactional survey after callout or project, and campaigns.


What will you do?

Callout handling

· Accountable to manage various types of contacts: alarm calls, test calls, customer calls including callouts & case registrations, outbound calls, and technician calls

· Callouts – from customer call to dispatch and closing the case

· Accountable to identify safety situations and manage them by giving adequate safety instructions as described in the global safety procedures. Customer Care Agent shows empathy, is aware of customer feelings in such situations, and provides adequate safety advice to calm the passenger.

· Accountable to support supervisors in following up on open callouts and making sure that technicians back-report open jobs. Specific reports on open jobs are available on Supervisor reports.

· Accountable for immediately connecting the customer to the right person in the KONE organization, in case of any request not related to unplanned maintenance. If the KONE responsible person is not immediately found, the agent is accountable to pass the message of the customer to the responsible person and to ensure the responsible person will contact the customer back.



· Receive and resolve queries and complaints

· Communicate resolution to customer

· Identify possible leads from customer cases coming e.g., through web and assign those to the sales organization


Outbound call handling

· Conduct transactional surveys after a callout or project (e.g., customer satisfaction survey)

· Support local marketing in different customer contacting initiatives such as campaigns, etc., and nurse core clients.


Are you the one?

  • Bachelor’s Degree holder or equivalent
  • Minimum 2 years’ Customer Service experience
  • Excellent communication, customer management, and IT skills
  • Stress tolerant and detailed focus
  • Highly motivated, goal-oriented, diligent, organized self-starter with an orientation towards a high level of customer service.
  • Fluency in English, Arabic, and French language is a must
  • UAE driving license is an added advantage


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